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Blockchain has the ability to increase transparency and reliability at every phase of an industrial value chain from raw materials’ sourcing to delivering the finished product. There are different types of applications in blockchain that can revolutionize processes as we know it today.The technology can address a range of pain points across supply chain monitoring for better transparency, detect counterfeit and provenance of materials, asset tracking, regulatory compliance and much more, while aggregating this information delivering significant values to enterprises. You can unlock the full potential of augmented reality, 3D printing and, more importantly, IoT with blockchain.
Some of the most versatile usages of blockchain include, distributed data storage, identity verification, smart ownership, digital voting systems, etc. and more importantly in IoT where sensors can directly interact with each other rather than using third party systems. Phd paper publication help in blockchain technology with 100% guarantee.

IoT security

Problem Statement

  • WSNarchitecture of the IoT includes centralized anddistributedsensor nodes
  • These aggregatedata to base stations through network routing for processingand analysis
  • Conventional IoT security authentication protocols use centralized authentication methods
  • These authentication protocols rely on third parties (Certificate Authorization center, authentication server, etc.)
  • Threat of single-point failure is heightened

Proposed Solution

  • Due to its distributed characteristics of blockchain, it is a natural fit with the IoT
  • A multi-WSN network and hybrid blockchain model (Figure 1.) with many nodes in the IoT
  • With a mutual authentication scheme for the IoT nodes to enhance IoT authentication
  • Encryption algorithm ensures blocks are immutable

Phd paper publication help in blockchain technology with 100% guarantee.Finding research project ideas for blockchain technology is a formidable exercise. There are some interests that you might wish to pursue all by yourself – but ensuring their uniqueness and suitability as a topic of analysis. may be a challenge. Your choice of topic totally depends upon the availability of substantial material and your ability to complete it effectively.

Phd paper publication help in blockchain technology with 100% guarantee.

The ideal approach to writing your paper should begin with the definition of blockchain technology as it is popularly understood. Phd paper publication help in blockchain technology with 100% guarantee.Thereafter, identify the diversified areas of use, its benefits and its ability to address the relevant issues. While delivering enough knowledge about the components of blockchain, you may also want to provide the proposed solution and how the latest platforms can leverage your solution.

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  1. Not emphasising on why the problem and previous issues you are trying to solve is important.
  2. Journal Paper structuring is really good

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