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Clients Reviews

priyanka godse, Mumbai
HI this is amazing.I am doing my Masters in Information and Technology from Mumbai university. I got your wonderful project support and guidance in omnet++
Review 1
Asar Muhammad, Eran
Am from Eran, I had many doubts on my project they guided me with thier valuable guides even after they delivered the project Succesfully.
Review 2
Irwin Nizar, Eraq
Am from Eraq, Star Technology Chennai is one of the best I ever seen. They Guided me in two projects for my both Bachelor and Master degrees.
Review 3
Deo George, Australia
Am from Australia, Am doing my Ph.D work and I gone to many websites in online and finaly I reached Star Technology Chennai, I was completely blank about project works they helped me a lot doing my project through online itself. Payment also done through online itself so a big burden to complete my project is reduced a lot.
Review 4
Rosy Jeo, Florida
Hello, Am doing my Ph.d in Florida. I was in a need to write my thesis work. I got introduced to Star Technology Chennai by my close friend he said good review about Star Technology Chennai.
Review 5
Jack Beko, Australia
Doing good work and best support Thanks for the Co-ordination. I was the Best project in my Batch.
Review 6
Arnav Singh, Kohalapur, Mumbai
Very nice support for project., thesis work. They support entirely through online and paayment is done in online itself.
Review 7
Amirtha, Chennai
Star Technology Chennai gave me full support technically. I did project in Omnet ++ . But I don’t know any thing about Omnet++ . They guided me from the basic of the project which helped me a lot to explain my project to my internal Guide and external.
Review 8
Henniyes, Australia
I completed project in NS3 Simulation Projects , I was completely blank about Simulation languages . But I saw some examples online and their work . It was awesome when compared to the examples which I saw.
Review 9
Rose K, Cannada
Best guidance and support Which I ever Seen
Review 10
Beq Sen, Korea
Wow … Realy Awesome I was happy about my output even my guide too . I did project in NS2 . Great Work
Review 11
Jeethu Jose, New Jersy
I did project in JAVA, I wanted to implement project in IEEE journal , I was little confused about the paper initialy they explained me the paper first and implemented as well .
Review 12
Peter Hemes, New York
Datamining was my domain and I contacted them for papers or ideas to complete my project. They gave me list of paper titles which could be implemented . I discussed it with my guide and seleted the title . The implemented it very well manner. My guide and external was so much impressed about the project work.
Review 13
Nirmala, Chennai
Best in their work and support thank you for supporting me in Omnet++ VANET projects
Review 14
Dearge Rando, Cannada
I have done project in Omnet++, Omnet++ projects are actually simulation projects . Simulation of healthcare network was by project theme . They compleeted the project successfully.
Review 15
Osan Rose, Cannada
The best for completing project succesfuly on time.
Review 16
Geoakle Jesuson, New Jersy
Very very Co-ordinatable and understandable
Review 17
Jonathan, Australia
For the past 3 months I was searching for NS3 support Star Technology Chennai gave me awesome support in that domain.
Review 18
Muhammad Ismail, Eraq
Good work and support and easy to approach them.
Review 19
Joason, Australia
Best Project support for students easily understandable and approachable
Review 20
Lusan, Cannada
My Thesis work is completed perfectly done on time and they help me to publish a paper a lot
Review 21
Sooraj Rathi, Kolkatta
I did IEEE paper's project here and it was realy great time to share ideas with them and complete my project
Review 22
Asaruzdin, Eraq
Easily communicatable and approachable everybody can trust and give their project work here
Review 23
Vetteri Jack, Australia
Body Area Network Projects are realy confused me a lot. First they explained what is Body Area Network and implemented my project also they explained me perfectly
Review 24
Rinky, Cannada
Thanks for help and support on time to complete my project. Great work…
Review 25
Fathima , Eran
NS 3 projects support is done great here. Myself and my friend did our NS3 project here best work in NS3 projects.
Review 26
Jason Johan, Cannada
NS3 Network Simulation has only less number of supports . Star Technology Chennai is one of the best for NS3 Network Simulation .