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IoT is a promising solution as it enables tracking of goods across containers and trucks even at harbors.Global navigation satellite systems or GNSS provides advanced localization through which the precise location of both the truck and the asset can be obtained. However, a problem has been cited in the coverage range of wireless networks across the harbor. Apparently LPWAN or low power wide area networks are deemed as a favorable solution to the issue. LoRa, or long range technology is considered as an integrated factor between robust modulation and low data rate that facilitate larger and wider communication ranges. Phd paper writing and publication guarantee in lorawan network.

The Technology

It is necessary to analyze the deployment of the LoRa technology across harbors to capture location data of trucks and assets. To overcome issues with high power consumption, the LPWAN or Low Power Wide Area Network is considered as a solution in other IoT applications.
Current LPWANsolutions in the market: LoRa (Long Range) SigFox, NB-IoT (Narrow Band)

LoRa For IoT 1

Problem Statement

A typical harbor consists of quay, yard, truck, and trainareas The most important area is considered as the yard which contributes to successful logistics turnaround Yard management is thus carried out with at least three significant elements, such as cranes, spaces and vehicles besides others The issue surfaces when a large number of end devices possess limited airtime and have to be managed within it Therefore, before deploying LoRa in a critical industrial environment a scalability analysis has to be performed
Phd paper writing and publication guarantee in lorawan network

Proposed Solution

Port authorities can minimize traffic congestion and enhance the safety of all entities with the new and improved solution Yard management is also improved in the seaport area and yard operations are optimized to stay synchronized with harbor traffic Localization and tracking methods are used for the purpose Road Trucks are fitted with LoRa mobile box, a transceiver and a GNSS receiver Asset location is also captured on the container shift equipment through the LoRa box permanently fitted to it The current position of the asset is transmitted by the LoRa box to the central gateway

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